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Thread: Critique Lenny's Art

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    Ok i basically can't even hold a candle for you when it comes to coloring but it seems that in the pic 4 of the doodles the squatting guy has smaller legs compering to the torso. so yeah....................... that's basically it..........................yeah...............oh also as Nis said try some experimenting with bgs, it would be nice to see one bg you put a ;ot of effort into. Since all the drawings(except the first one) don't have a bg it would be nice to see you do one
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    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    You guys are amazing. Absolutely amazing. That's the most helpful critique I've gotten in months.

    I'll edit the pictures in MyPaint, and upload them on here to show you<3 Unfortunately I won't be able to edit the girl's size (didn't save the layers - though, I might be able to extend the lamppost's length...that might help a bit...), but hopefully I can fix everything else And I'll definently remember everything for future pictures, especially about the light sources. Thanks so much!<3

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    I really like the direction you're going in a lot of these. I like your varied use of hues. All your work is quite diverse and interesting. The biggest critique I have for you is to layer more heavily. It looks like you've done some soft pastel work on these instead of them being digital. This is because the background tones are so prominent. You should make the foreground figure more opaque to bring them out and make them appear less ghostly.

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    The back legs of the first horse look a bit off, and so do the hands of the girls. But really, you're killing us here. Your horse is LOVELY <3


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