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Thread: (nudity) gut feeling says I'll regret this

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    (nudity) gut feeling says I'll regret this

    but the condescending voice in the back of my head keeps yelling at me to do it... i hate that voice.

    Not sure why I'm even doing this...quite sure somewhere deep down I want some one to say I fail horribly and should give up, whether that's to let me give up guilt free or make me work harder in spite i have no idea, but really in my experience you're all overly optimistic and 'cheerleadry' (which i kind of dislike) so don't see that happening. oh fudgeknockers i should just shut up and post pictures.

    1: Nyuujou Megami Type 2 (about a week/week .5 old)
    SPOILER! :

    known issues:
    her left a** cheek just seems off if not the whole left a** region
    tail is off center.
    outfit and tail are all missing Holstein pattern (more laziness/forgefulness/ not sure specifics of how i want that pattern to look...)
    hand is a shapeless amorphous blobs (again laziness/forgetfullness/ WIPness)
    upper back feels off somehow
    her right eye seems off (not aligned with other eye?, open too wide?)

    2. Amber (about a week and a half old)
    SPOILER! :

    known issues:
    her right eye seems off (open too wide?)
    hand needs help
    need to add folds to the shirt, jeans as well but less os than the shirt)
    pose is kind of boring...

    2.5 stream of consciousness and doodles (about 3-4 months old) (just because i put them on my photo host for some reason so why not)
    SPOILER! : (perspective/diorama, and pose fail) (various faces and analysis of a turn of phrase i hadn't heard till then) (perspective and sleep deprived writing)

    3. Amanda (about a year old) (actually thinking of starting over from scratch with a new pose)
    SPOILER! :

    known issues:
    her left arm seems too stiff
    need to finish/add background (already have in mind just haven't touched the drawing in a year so...)
    might be hard to tell she's holding a spray paint can
    Is she leaning against the wall, supposed to be but not sure it looks it convincingly

    4. THIF girl (about a year old) (just looking for opinions on her design)
    SPOILER! : (simple turnaround) (bust shot)
    design notes:
    intentionally meant to be a little on the 'plain side'
    heavily inspired by the character Ayanah from the webcomic Pawn

    5. EPIC COW!!!!!! (two and a half years or so) (he is epic cow and he is awesome that is all)

    6.Other old stuff (1 year to dirt) (see section 2.5)
    SPOILER! : Nyuujou Megami Type 1 portrait (1 year old) Amanda portrait (1 year old) Nyuujou Megami Prototype portrait (dirt) Nyuujou Megami Prototype nude bust (dirt)
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