On the first: Her torso/upper body is extremely short. The breast are different sizes. The shoulder on the right is narrower than the other. The bulge on the hip doesn't make much sense. The tail is kinda stiff. Her neck angles inward on the left making it look really odd. The thighs are pretty straight lines, trying curving them some to match the rest of the body.

First Headshot: The chin is much too pointy! The eyes should be the same height. The ear is connected too close to the eye. The bottom lip being flat looks kind weird, as well as the sharp point in the bottom of the top lip. The way the left side of the face angles out as it goes up making the head a strange strange; try straightening it up more. The houlders are VERY narrow.

Second Headshot: The armpits should NOT be that high; nor should the cleavage. The eyes should be the same size in height and at the same height on the face. The nose looks strange with the hard angles on one side and curves on the other. The neck angles inward oddly on the left.