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Thread: AlexP is in need of some constructive criticism.

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    Red face AlexP is in need of some constructive criticism.

    After yet another boring day at enormously boring work I've decided to try to draw. And this is pretty much results of Monday - Friday

    Known issues: it's kinda bad thing overall There is no symmetry and nose is... just... horrible.

    In here it kiiiiinda looks like she's high on something, but it's not
    Known issues: I really don't like how her further eye looks here. And part of face sorta... pops out...also I think nose is turned way into wrong side. Should be less and kinda more um... central oriented. I'm bad with terms yet...

    Known issues: eyes are not on proper level and alignment, shading on her forward plait is way wrong... not sure why, but don't like mouth too. Something iffy is going on with it!

    Known issues: horrible eyes again. They're way too big for such size of the face. And I think I messed up with left side. Her body seems to be wider there then needed.

    Known issues: finger nail is inconsistent That finger on top-left of the picture doesn't look like proper finger. Maybe shading at the bottom is little bit off.

    So... it's most likely that I have to start using some technics and tutorials from glorious internet, but still. Is there something on this pictures that I don't see and I wasn't told about?

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    hi there, i guess i'm a 'new' member too, just like you, to most people here since i've been gone for more than half a year.
    with that aside, i have a few observations on your posts.

    1. You have an idea of volume when it comes to drawing. This can still be improved. Maybe, try to get better references for these poses/scenes (i suppose you used reference)
    2. Face anatomy is good enough however it varies from one drawing to another
    3. There is an attempt to do shading which is a good sign. This can be improved when the volumetrics of your drawing improves.
    4. Good job on persistence! Keep drawing but always try to enjoy the process rather than the product. A piece of advice... don't get frustrated when things don't go the way you imagined... it happens to everyone. It's a phase which everyone goes through. Its a good sign. it means you are growing and learning as an artist.

    Take care yo! keep it up.
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