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Thread: Critique Bambi (occasional nudity?)

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    I dig your style x)
    those eyes are so sweet.!

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    I disagree with Clockhand. I can very comfortably grab my foot without bending in any way. Actually, most people should be able to...

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    I really like your style on all of these. Gives em personality, I could actually overlook the technical flaws just because of that. BUT I'll dig into em anyways just do give you something other than my little words lol. But I'll be brief.

    The last one you posted of the dancer seems pretty well drawn out. But there is one main thing I noticed, that that's the way the foot is pointing. Actually, the lower part of the leg seems to be rotated in some kind of weird angle, like her leg is broke. Did you use reference by any chance?

    The one above her, the face, is just my all out favorite. Whatever expression that is, it's just awesome, and it really puts some character...with the, the face....>_> So I don't really see anything wrong, seems like more of a stylistic approach that worked out alright. If you were going for realism, ya got some problems capt.

    The blue face=equally great, with subtly lighting that works well with the color picked. I don't really see anything wrong, although I'd love if you touched it up.

    There are a bunch of others I'd comment on if I wasn't lazy. But overall, you're really good. I'd like to see a couple of finished, finished pieces if you ever decide to do that

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    I love the wavy hair of the lady but I don't like all of your drawings, I mostly like the ladies you draw. Some of them are FRIGGIN AMAZING though!

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    I have resurrected this ancient thread with new material. I started learning how to color with Photoshop.. I use version CS3 which I realize is a million years old but whatev. I definitely am not an expert though, so digital painting tips are appreciated.

    Also, I realize I need to work on backgrounds... sigh. I find them tedious. Aaaand you might think I am obsessed with buns based on this sampling of pictures, but it's mostly because I use pics of myself as reference, and I wear buns a lot. That is all. Thanks for taking the time to browse. x:



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