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Thread: Why did you start drawing manga?

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    i really like the style. in 1st grade through like 3rd grade i watched pokemon, yu gi oh, and all the dragon ball series except the original when goku is a kid. then around 4th or 5th grade i watched naruto. all through my life i had seen anime played some late at night on adult swim (the "adult" channel). i had bought how to draw manga by katy coope in like 5th grade and started drawin. i quit out of anger of not bein able to draw it right though. but my friend this past school year got me watchin anime again and i looked up how to draw manga and came here. now i draw ok and watch anime a lot. im currently watchin bleach, death note, and World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu No Rokunin
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    I started as a kid watching several episodes from dragonball , digimon Inuyasha, at the same time I used to draw my favorite characters like "vegata". Then I started reading a lot of manga! I still do every day. xD at the school my friend impressed by my drawings inspired me to start my own manga ;D

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    to be honest my interest developed towards anime and manga when i was 15. And drawing one of the characters from anime was hell and heaven difference. That is why i started drawing and now i am somewhat good in it.

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    I watched pokemon, and liked the anime style in some video games. My imagination created all these awesome characters to draw.

    And I still can't get them on paper.

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    I started drawing manga because that's my wish. I want to creat my own manga. I will publish it.... Maaaaaaaybe? Haha.

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    I just fell in love with the style & genre from the first time I saw it. At it's core, manga's like Sumi-e in the way it implies detail with just a few lines (& values). That's so cool to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenn View Post
    I watched pokemon, and liked the anime style in some video games. My imagination created all these awesome characters to draw.

    And I still can't get them on paper.
    I don't know how many times something has come to mind and I can absolutely not get it on paper.

    Started watching anime and looking at manga and I got this crazy idea that I should try drawing. Akira was my first ever anime when i was in 3rd grade. I loved it so much and eventually found other anime like Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin. Ahhh the younger years...

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    I have decided to draw manga because I want to make some manga and to prove that not only Japanese artists can drawing manga style.

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    I got bored one day when i was like, 8. Saw a book, i think it was DBZ, picked it up, read it, then started drawing from the book. Thats about it really, just got bored and started drawing. Nothing special about it really lol

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    in your heart
    I personally believe that i'm someone with an extra ordinary talented being who's full of power raging inside of me!, and has the power to communicate my soul to my hand, therefore, I plan to destroy humanity using my drawings!

    to be blunt, I don't know what's the reason why, but every babies out there loves doodling. it's probably the same for me


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