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Thread: Why did you start drawing manga?

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    To top DB/ DBZ which was the sex back in the day.

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    I was bored, and started reading Pokemon, (I was a little younger than I am now), and then I found Naruto, and it continued from there.

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    At first, I started drawing anime characters just because I loved to draw. I believe young Gohan from DragonballZ was the first anime character I ever drew. While I was in college, I was too busy to draw but I still read manga and watched anime. It wasn't until I "borrowed" my brother's DSi and started drawing in the Flipnote Hatena app, that I started to change my style to an anime/manga style. So in a nutshell, I stated drawing anime 12 years ago, but only this year did I start drawing my own anime style characters.
    Ooops, WHY did I start drawing manga, not when. (silly me)
    Same as when I started drawing my own characters. I love anime and I love the anime and manga style. The majority of artists and animators on flipnote hatena draw with an anime style and I wanted to draw like that too. While my style still needs work, I believe that it has greatly improved and has an obvious anime look to it. Just look at my profile pic. Hopefully he has an anime look to him.
    I also hope to create my own manga someday. That is why I started to draw anime.
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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Quote Originally Posted by Renzokuken View Post
    To top DB/ DBZ which was the sex back in the day.
    Yeah this is pretty much Sylux in kindergarten

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    Well, I've always loved drawing and writing stories. I didn't know that Manga and Anime existed at the time, so I would write a lot of fictions stories for fun. I loved creating the characters because I always believe they're the most exciting part of a story. when I found out about Manga, I was intrested right away. Something that includes both story telling and drawing, there couldn't be anything better! although I'm not very good at drawing, my goal is to improve on manga style until and get to top level, and then I want to start my own manga series. Plus, Manga style drawing is just awesome. I havn't seen any style of drawing that I love more. others just kinda bore me...

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    I blame Digimon and a crazy Iranian friend.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenn
    You forgot your F in Modesty.

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    cause I got inspired to make something out of my affinity for art
    like the style, stories can move freely out of ur hand without tons of effort.
    gives me sumthng to do when bored/depressed

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    I watched DBZ back in the day, and I have always drawn in that style, and I only just recently found out what it was actually called. Also Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh!


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