Look my writer really isn't that great. She has potential, but I she doesn't really think through of what she's actually writing. I turned down people who were better than her because I felt that I could help her, but I was wrong. So before I send the email I was wondering if this sounds way too harsh.
Ailin I really like the story but I feel uncomfortable drawing for a story that is incomplete. At the beginning I wanted to stop working with you because you hadn't gotten the story done but I thought instead I could help you. I'm having trouble doing the extra chapter because I cannot understand the writing very well. I think it's because it was made before you became a better writer.Maybe I cannot understand it the way you do because we speak different languages. I really think that it is in the best interest that you need to do a lot of rethinking in the story. I'm sorry if I have hurt your feelings. I truly think the story has a lot of potential, it just needs to be fixed on some parts of understanding. I still want to work with youand I think maybe we can still be friends.