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    M. Ryoichi's Art Corner

    Ok, I finally got my printer to work, so now I can scan stuff. Anyways I need someone to critique my work, so I know what I need work on.

    These drawings are my first, so I know there not that great. I can't really draw faces yet, but I'll learn.

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    ok, let's put the face aside as you have mentionned that you have little talent, although it's pretty good.

    Your necks are super wierd. In the first one, it's too straight, in the second one, you got the back of it right, but the front is too straight, and the third one is too long. Necks aren't straight. First, a person's neck tilts forward, and the front side of the neck curves as well. So no straight lines.

    The pecs are too small on the first one, getting there on the second and a little worse on the third.

    The forarms are too thick on the second and third one and the tricep on all of em are too thick.

    The adomen of the second looks best although it curves in the back into a ( under the ribs. The pants are the same result, without the curve.

    The legs and feet are decent so I'll leave it at that.

    Try starting with circles and lines. Use the rule of 8 heads and try again. I am looking forward to seeing your progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx_Wellington View Post
    you have mentionned that you have little talent, although it's pretty good
    hmm... I don't recall him saying that.

    For your first drawings these are spectacular. Muscles can be very tricky at times, and the chest and leg muscles are a tad off. I would recommend you look at some leg and torso anatomy refs. as far as the torso and head goes I did a fast red line to show you some of the torso proportion problems.


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