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Thread: Saith. ~*~Warning, contains Nudity, Blue Pen, A Trap and Cee Lo Green.~*~

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    Saith. ~*~Warning, contains Nudity, Blue Pen, A Trap and Cee Lo Green.~*~

    So Boy Howdy, where do I begin.
    Well, I mean, I'm gonna post stuff that isn't amazing and stuff, because otherwise you wouldn't need to critique and that would be boring (also I don't have anything that is amazing and stuff, but shhhhh.

    Brace yourselves, there'll be quite a bit.

    Oh yeah, and sorry about the blue pen, smudges and other crappy stuff. They were done during a Chemistry double.

    Alrighty, sooooo.

    Hand Help!
    No really. Ignoring its crappiness, is the whole 'sort of realistic hand coming straight at you' thing a bit jarring, compared to the rest of it?
    It's weird how I still get sort of embarrassed about nudity. Like, I'm not cringing from the crappy anatomy or anything, but boooooobs. D :
    Oh yeah, how's the anatomy? Like, I know it's a dumb (very broad) question, but seriously. How is it?

    Um... Is the tattoo on her chest that I drew t cover up the fact that messed up her cleavage convincing at all? Also hair and eye tips, pleeeeaaase.

    Four sort of emotion thingies. Basically, are they different enough to tell apart? And do the different emotions look like the same people? I had another guy (a Kurt Cobain lookalike), but he just kept getting more Chinese as I drew different faces, until his 'sad' face looked Zhang Fei. Not his angry face though... *Shrug*

    The trap. Okay, so, does he look male enough to be a guy, but female enough to be mistaken for one. Assuming it's clear enough to, you know, see well. I couldn't do boobs, because hey, not putting a willy on the internets (yet).

    The Dresden Dolls. I'm, like, 5 years too late, but whatever. I am now obsessed.
    Anywho, ignore the ugly frog woman ( ;.; ). Or don't. I only really need general critique on these. I don't hold any illusions that it's any good, but the reason it isn't is more of a general 'I need to do better'. So anything specific I need to really work on, will be great.

    Basically, I actually kinda sort of did an okay job at shading it (in my opinion, of course), so, um, yeah, how is it? Just need sort of general critique on this one.

    Oh and Cee Lo Green. This is my most recent 'finished' thingie (a month ago), so basically, how do my newer (ie everything else was done today) things measure up? I don't have a tablet anymore (because it's a dick) and there's no way I can do more realistic things with a mouse, so um.
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    First off, no nudity present. Secondly, make the images a little smaller.

    You have a good base, and your tallents seem to improve with the thread, however, you have a tendancy to draw super big eyes. Eyes aren't that big.

    this guy's eyes are funny, but use this eye proportion chart as a guide

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    IDK what style you are trying for. if this is suppose to be cartoony, or realism with a cartoon/manga twist, drawing big eyes isn't a problem. If you are aiming at drawing in a more realistic style, there are many things that are much out of proportion, not just the eyes. in wichever style your aiming at, i noticed these consistent anatomical problems in your pics:
    1.) The heads are too big. in manga/cartoons this is very common, and is often considered a style choice, but in realism and human anatomy, this doesn't work.
    2.) mouth placement is too low and jaw is too skinny. In almost all the faces you drew, the mouth is drawn ON the chin. see that guide line circle you drew to help you form the head for those faces? the nose line should be at the bottom of that circle and the mouth line close under it. (i may do a red line later)

    all in all, this isn't bad stuff,good job.
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    I kinda like it But yeah tell us what are you aiming for so that we know what to look for.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    Uh, I think the nudity link broke. Either way, it's cool. But uh, I actually didn't know I already had this thread, so I made a new one. All of these pictures are pretty old, and I think I've improved a little bit since then.
    Also, I think drawing manga for so long destroyed my sense of ratio because I can't draw small eyes for the life of me.
    Actually, when I reinstall my tablet tonight (just moved out and oh my god electricity is so expensive aaaaaaaa), I think I'll redo my second Dresden Doll picture and see how it matches up.

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