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    I'm Lenny. I've been registered for two days, and I've uploaded some pics, but I haven't had time 'til now to post here Btw, unlike the impression my name gives, I'm female.

    I'm an artist, and for a while now I've wanted to begin drawing a manga, but I need tips on style and such, layouts too, as I'm mostly a realism/fantasy artist. Some help with decent storylines wouldn't go amiss either.
    I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki (as some may recognise from my avatar ), and Harry Potter (the books). I also loooove music of all genrés, some of my favourite musicians/composers/bands being Joe Hisaishi (Ghibli again ), Sergé Reggiani, André Rieu, John Denver, and ABBA.
    Favourite Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Oldie, I know
    Also, almost all of my spare time is spent in reading. Mysteries, romances, adventure, classics...I read the lot

    Haha, that was a lot...if you read it all, kudos to you

    I've two questions. How do I get to access the oekaki, and (if possible) how do I move pictures already in my gallery to an album in said gallery?

    Also...I love the cat smilies. Just saying

    Edit: Haha, stupid of me not to realise before, I have to register separately for the oekakiXD
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