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Thread: Need help with reducing image size!!

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    Exclamation Need help with reducing image size!!

    Hi, i am new here on the site, and came here cause it seemed like a great place to find some help(as well as talk about manga/anime :P)

    Anyway here is my situation: I am using Manga Studio EX4 to make my manga. I understand how to use the program itself, and can make pages without too much problem. The problems come when i go to export the image.

    See the current size(i use A4 template) is too large for posting my art online. So i need to reduce the image size, but the lines and tones get all messed up if i do. I need some tips on settings and ways to reduce the size to make it more friendly to people trying to read it online.

    Thank you!!

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    manga studio ex4 i use too...ok for the image size i always prefer PHOTOSHOP...
    it will ask that if you want to change the image size AFTER YOU CLICK SAVE IMAGE AS JPG......
    if you dont have photoshop plz IGNORE IT...

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    See i tried using Photoshop, but like i said when i reduced the size of the image, the Tones got all messed up looking. Even the line work looked bit funky to me lol

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    Still having some issues with this. When i use Manga Studio to resize now, if i use Greyscale it kinda works, though you lose the effect of the dots on any tones that are above 70L. So its still not perfect, and tends to make it look like i just added some grey tones with Photoshop lol

    So still need some help figuring this out, anyone have any tricks to share?

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