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Thread: Jingshen's Drawings, Opinions Appreciated

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    Jingshen's Drawings, Opinions Appreciated

    Yep, so I would like some critiques based on how my drawings look. Maybe point out any flaws in anatomy, facial features, maybe even critique clothing design. Any advice on how I can improve is greatly appreciated.
    Ok so here are some designs of a character I have been working on.
    A more recent design, and a self-portrait. Anatomy might be a bit blocky in this one. I think the mouths on the two leftmost ones are too low.

    Unfinished Sketch of her final design. Also plaid is hard.

    I also wouldn't mind some feedback on how she looks as a character too. She is a little plain I guess. I am prone to drawing boring things. I lack the ability to come up with anything exciting. So any suggestions on how to make her more unique would be nice. Also looking back, my lines are a little shaky, guess I'm just out of practice.

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    Personally I like the cute and animu style you've got going on here. I would like to point out - in the last picture in particular - that the necks are rather thin and... oddly curved. Personally I have always been of the belief that the neck doesn't need to be thinned to extremities to still maintain a 'cute' manga style, so you may want to address that if you feel like it. Since you asked for anatomy, I don't see much muscle development in the legs. Right now they are very linear, like tapered boxes. Look at real human legs and use that to influence your style. I would suggest you pay particular attention to the quadricep muscle group in the upper leg and the gastrocnemius in the lower leg.

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    To add to what Demon said:

    Be careful with the giant eyes. When the eyes are THAT big compared to the face, they tend to be place on the side of the head making the character a little alien-like. Try keeping the eye style, but making them smaller (?) Also, making sure your pictures have some symmetry: eyes are at the same height, thickness of legs, arms, and shoulders, etc.

    On this last picture, the arms are too long, the neck really noodle-ly and the ear on the right is too low. There should be folds and creases in the sleeves especially where the arms are bent.
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