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Thread: A Pirate's Life For Me (Ugarit)

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    Following Amanda's lead, or perhaps just using any excuse for a little extra choppy-time, Jang re-clobbered half of the Sahuagin until the wee fishy thug was finally exhausted. Then, standing ontop of the pile bloody and fearsome, trident still embedded in shoulder, she raised her cleaver thoroughly into the air and bellowed out a momentous, heroic spree of words that few would dare defy...

    "...Owowowowowow ah ah ah ah ow ow ow ah eh, shit, ah! -It hurt! You guys! Three spear!- Ah ow ow ow~. ;_;"

    Yeah, battlescars or no battlescars, Jang just welled up like a big merbaby.

    "...I'll... Trade... Yeah, trade meats of trout guys!... Yeah, they food and mine?... If fix? Yeah!... Please, please... :c"

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    Amanda gathered up her chain weapon. "What a pain in the butt... Is it safe to go back to sleep now?"

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    Groh put away his bow behind his back again, and gazed over at Jang who seemed to be in alot of pain, a trident protruding from her shoulder.

    Well, I'm not pulling that out...Leave that shit to the doctor.

    The adrenaline from the battle had worn off, and remains of the liquer from last night had risen to the fore front of Groh's mind. Time to sleep off another hang over. He gazed over at the captian, waiting to see if he had something to say before he went back to his bunk.

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    SPOILER! :
    Jk he's not an uberman
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    "All clear, return to your posts!" Announced captain to his crew
    " And someone throw those overboard" Zach gestured towards the Bodies and headed back to the captains quarters.
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    "Don't look at me," said weakly Lacia.

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    I knew I hated that Captian for a good reason...Lazy fuck

    Groh took on the responsibility himself picking up the scally lizards and throwing them back into the sea they came from, admiring his marksmanship on each corpse as he lifted them. When the final one hit the water, he headed back down to his bunk and sprawled out on it, the last thing crossing his mind before he succummed to sleep being;

    Everyone had better fuck off till morning...

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    The rest of the trip back to Latoti was, for better or for worse, much less eventful.
    Annah did pay the captain another after-hours visit or two, though, so at least there was that.


    While the crew enjoyed the brief shore leave at the lawless port Zach went trawling for news, information, and rumors.

    (Fail rolled gather info ages ago. I lost the rolls, but here are the results.)

    According to general news and rumors, every port settlement in the Gold Sea besides Rina Ciudad has a military fort full of soldiers and siege weapons for use against ships. Also someone was going on about how the governor of Valparaiso has a beautiful daughter, like holy shit. Also apparently one of the men involved in a bar fight had fought giant crabs more fearsome than his opponent.
    According to some sailors Zach spoke to, the nearby Locrinus port colony of Valparaiso has scarce goods but a surplus of sugar and tobacco. Aguava has more or less the same economic situation and also belongs to Locrinus, although supposedly the shipwrights there could fix the boat up with some cotton sails.
    The Abomination was supposedly sighted again near Cuevas del Fuego, and the Wraith continues to make trouble for sailors around Isla Rina, but otherwise there were no particularly noteworthy rumors or news to be found regarding ghost ships.
    According to one of the sailors Zach spoke to there is a nearby island called Lost Island. It's a terrible place full of giant wasps the size of a child. Giant wasps. Dreadful creatures!
    According to one of the hookers Zach spoke to there is rumor going around about Tesoro's colony being home to a secret treasury of gold. Not clear how much gold, but definitely 'lots.' Tesoro is small, poorly defended, and generally fairly poor, so presumably only Magistrate Carlos (the island's governor) knows where it is, since the townsfolk obviously haven't been using that wealth.


    The next morning the crew piled back aboard the ship and got ready to hear whatever the fuck Zach had in mind for booty this time.

    EDIT: Here is the updated map of the Gold Sea in light of Zach's recent info gathering.

    EDIT 2: The Jang is to scale.
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    On board the ship, Zach called for a meeting with the mates in his quarters. Unfortunately Jang was a mate and she was going to stink his room out.
    "Mates, I've decided on our target. Apparently Tesoro has a hidden Cache of much gold. We're going in, finding out where the gold is and stealing it, hopefully without getting caught. My plan is to have either Annah or Anna seduce the location out of him, or failing that kidnap and scare it out of him. Any of you have suggestions?"

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    "Kill him?" suggested Lacia.

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