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Thread: A Pirate's Life For Me (Ugarit)

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    "Fair is everyone getting paid equally. Unless they do something worthy of a little bonus of course."

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    Jang just watched in wonder whilst the rest of the crew made combat with the other ship; One of the deckhands gave her ballista ammunition to load, but quickly gave up after she just sat there examining it.

    None the less, once their ship had actually ensnared the other, she wasted little time jumping onboard before the ramps were even lowered. Cleaver in her teeth, she just sort of slamed down and slid across the deck main deck like an otter performing a trick.

    "Guthd boiwz, or ah cweave!" She made clawing motions, slobbering viciously due to the knife and seemingly oblivious to the fact that she now made no sense at all to people with brains. Obnoxiously looting the crew members turned out to be her priority; Taking any jewelry or trinkets that were visable on their bodies, eating any food that was left on table tops, raiding their freshly caught fish supplies...

    Eventually, she turned up behind Groh again, with an excited look on her face and a mouth still full of salted beef. "...H-Hey! They got loads of like... Rooms of stuff down there!"

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    Groh had gotten his fill of scaring the crew just as Jang informed him of the lower levels. He obviously would of looked down there anyway, but it was good to show the merfolk a bit of encouargement, even if she didn't really understand it.

    'Nice one, my-little-fishy, well spotted.'

    There was no lock on the door, but it was strong enough that Groh had to push on it with some force to get it open. He then decended the spindly looking steps to the lower decks.

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    Amanda looked over at Lacia, but seemed to shout to no one in particular, "If word gets out that we heal our victims.. don't you think they will fight harder to protect their stuff? I know I would if someone was going to bandage me up after they cut me in the first place!" She then turned back to the merchants, "Speaking of cutting..." and started threatening them with her knife some more.

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    Annah just smiled. "Well, my handsome humanitarian, you've work to do, I imagine." She kissed his neck and pushed off him. "See me later."

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    Zach said his goodbye then hopped onboard the merchant ship, giving the cowering losers Jovial greetings as he made his way to who he assumed was the ships captain.
    "Evening, I'm Captain Zach, I assume you are Captain of this wreck?" Zach sheathed his cutlass and stuck his hand out with a smile.

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    Some of the planks were creaking under the weight of Grohs large hands (He refers to his feet as hands aswell) and the deck made a loud audible creak as he stepped onto the inner deck. There was a short hallway between the bottom of the stairway and the next room, which from the looks of it appeared to be the living quarters. Groh walked in and bunk beds were placed evenly on either side of the room. There might be a few things to loot in here.

    As he stepped foot into the room, he noticed to his immediate right were a man and women having sex on the lower bed of one of the bunks. On the bunk next to it was another sailor sitting there with wide eyes of ecstacy, watching the pair fuck, one hand holding a white sheet over his lap and the other hand underneath it, moving up and down rythmically. Groh let out another high pitched laugh, that lasted for several minutes. This amused him greatly. In which time the sailor had let go of his prick and stared up at Groh with a mixture of fear and embarressment in his eyes and the other man had rolled off the girl, who was presumably a whore, and gave Groh a similar look.

    'So this is where the parties at, huh?' Groh laughed again 'Had I known, I would have bought some lubricant.'

    He couldn't see the girls face, but the two men looked at him with an air of surprise, as if they had never seen a hadozee before. Groh didn't give them any more thought than that. He noticed two pairs of sailors trousers on floor beside him, belonging to both the fucker and the pervert. In the pockets of each were a small coin purse, which Groh put into one of the pouches of his belt. He threw the trousers down and gazed back up at the trio.

    'Don't mind me, boys.' He said with a grin.

    He took another few steps into the living quarters and as he did he smelled food. He couldn't tell what it was, but it smelt pretty good. He turned and shouted in the direction of the steps he had just decended.

    'Hey, fishy, we got us a loada bunk beds full of gold, a kitchen full of grub, a sex show and a wanker down here!' He turned towards the smell of the food, but still shouted loud enough for Jang to hear him. 'Lets get to work.'

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    "A sacks show? Is there coins in them?" Jang slithered back down the stairs and absentmindedly bumbled around in the main section, belatedly taking note of the room she had missed on the first occasion... The room with people doing weird exercises in.

    A quick cycloptian glance towards Groh, then back into the room. Her eyebrows squinted and her teeth gritted together, betraying either confusion or some kind of disgruntlement; It was a little hard to tell. Maybe she thought they were fighting each other?

    "You peoplez have brain problems... You, you and you. Maybe him gorilla... Hear?" The merbarbarian squinted sideways and picked a fingernail with the end of her cleaver, barely paying attention until the seated (and still pantless) individual made for the cutlass remaining with his pants on the floor. As fluid fishwife face pain embodied, her form angled low against the decking, then carried an open palm upward and through the man's nose. He fell backwards with an arc of blood against the back wall, and Jang nonchalantly continued talking as if nothing had happened. "No time for exercise or fight, anyhow... You person... moron! And buy clothes!... No wait, you have coins for clothes? Give Jang!"

    "...Groh, why they have money clothes and not buy clothes, them?" She showed him the handful of change they gave her, cupped in her hands like mysterious ancient artifacts. "Hear?"

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    Having travelled with Jang for nearly a week now, Groh found it a pleasure to listen to her speak. She didn't speak much, but when she did it was like a dense parable that needed to be interpreted from broken child-speak into the common tongue. At first it was frustrating, even mockingly amusing, but Groh now saw an entertaining charm in it. Also, it made him laugh. Although he could speak Aquan quite well, he enjoyed Jangs attempts at speaking common and smiled at their little broken dialogues.

    'They not buy clothes because they not want clothes. They like to show what they got downstairs to all.' He grinned and tapped his temple with the tip of his long finger. 'Brain problems, my fishy friend.' He stood back and turned to face the direction of the smell of food. 'Fucking brain problems.'

    Groh walked towards the kitchen.

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    The kitchen already had food messily strewn across the floor. Particularly prevalent were stray chunks of salted beef, carved into wavy husks by someone in a moment of extreme haste...

    "I eats them, no food in food room." Jang admitted blankly. Closing her beady eye, she then wafted her blade around slowly in a random pattern, and justified herself by how awesome she was. This was not the first time. "You guys want eat you be fast. Jang no slow belly for slow people, Jang need eat or die. And Jang not die because Jang worth mor-...."

    The squirmy thing cut off, pausing her cleaver-batoning in mid-chop, then looked outright furious at one of the cupboards. There was a potato jamming it ajar, and a great deal more foodstuffs harbored within. Cautiously, Jang slithered forward and opened one of the wood flaps, then quickly stuck her entire head inside to have a look around.

    "Fuckers!" The fish exclaimed, suddenly bolting out and giving Groh an extremely enraged glance. Her face was red, and her hands balled downwards. "T-they hide food from J-Jang! Food all in wood flaps right under nose, hear?... Loads and loads food they hide, hear?!.. W-we... W-we s-should kill-stab bastards! A-all them!"
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