Captains Zachs boot sent Groh to the decking, but only just woke him up. He heard the Captain mention something about leaving. This sent some adrenaline through his viens, evaporating the 8 hour old liqiur in his blood and giving him the empathasis to stand up. Just then he thought of a witty and hilarious insult to say to the Captian, who he decided he hadn't liked from the start, but this thought vanished just as soon as it had appeared. Wabbling slightly, he could make out much clearer the crew around him, some of whom were already on board and others were loading the last remains of the cargo onto the deck.

He heard the Captain say something about questions. Groh couldnt think of any. He couldn't think of anything that he could transmute into words. He waited till the large plank connecting the quayside to the deck was clear, then he slowly accended the splintered plank till he stepped foot on the deck of the Nave del Partido and took in a deep breath of the fresh sea air, that lingered of seaweed, and released it with a little smile to himself. For the first time in ages, Groh felt at home.