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Thread: A Pirate's Life For Me (Ugarit)

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    That night Annah decided to pay the captain a visit.

    Smiling, the dark skinned beauty made her way over to behind the seated captain and threw her arms around him, speaking in low, sultry, tones, and turning up the charm more than she usually did (which was a lot.).

    "That was really nice of you to let the crew live," she purred. "I know it's not my place to judge or give orders, but I have problems with killing. Life is precious, you know?" She gave a wistful sigh. "Back home, where I come from, things are different. People are different. They forget things. Important things. People back home have forgotten that there is a difference between people and things. Things can be replaced. Things are just things, you know? But people? We're special. We're irreplaceable." Annah gave a soft little laugh. "That's why I don't ever take money for sex, love." She pulled Zach up towards her and kissed him deeply, pressing herself against him. "But I have no problem fucking handsome captains who are wonderful enough to tell the difference between people and things."


    Annah was incredible. Positive reinforcement was a wonderful thing.


    The second night since the raid was a lot less fun for Zach than the first. It involved a lot less sex with gorgeous and extremely talented brown skinned ladies, and a lot more attacks by devil worshiping fish people.


    Immediately the night watchmen rang their alarm bells. Not counting the two lookouts, there were only seven people on deck, none of them armed with crossbows. This could get messy.

    Groh 23 (HoS is not on AIM now, and Fail is, so Groh delays his turn!)
    Zach 15
    NPC Warriors (Anna Marie, Pirate Steve, etc etc)
    Amanda 12 or something
    Lacia 3
    Jang ? (I don't have her sheet, Reg!)
    Until someone peeks over the side of the ship, there's no telling how long until the Sahuagin reach the deck.

    Regarding the map - all the PCs are below-deck besides the captain. The officer's quarters are on the lower deck. So that's why you aren't on the map. I didn't bother marking the deckhands, but assume they are taking refuge on the starboard side of the ship until they get further orders or panic and run below deck.
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    "Fucking hell!" Zach, he wasn't too happy about being woken up but it was better than being killed in your sleep.
    He got out of bed as quickly as possible, grabbing his cutlass and heading out to the main deck.
    Unfortunately he didn't have time to throw any pants on so his manhood was out for all to see. He was about average.
    "You lot get below deck and make sure everyone is awake." He ordered the deckhands,
    "And you slimy bastards get off my fucking ship before you hurt yourselves!"
    SPOILER! :
    Autohypnosis: 1d20+14=26
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    Groh was awoken by the shouting which hinted at an attack on the ship. Why the fuck does this have to happen when I'm sleeping. Pricks.

    Groh sat up in his bunk an grabbed his bow and quiver that were postioned next to him, and strapped them around his body. He didn't bother putting on his belt and shorts, allowing his gorilla cock and balls to flap around with every turn he made. He took hold of his main weapon and headed towards the stairs to the deck.

    This had better be fucking worth it...

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    Anna Marie was the first of the hired warriors out on deck, clad in just her lingerie and eyepatch, wielding her cutlass, and looking more like she was just told that she won a billion gold and a harem of Incubi than someone who got woken up in the middle of the night to kill things.

    "We can kill these ones, right?!" She asked with genuine excitement. Then she noticed the Captain's New Clothes and laughed. "Trying to outdo me, Cap'n?"

    Pirate Steve stumbled out next with an "Arr." He now had a hook for a hand in addition to his eyepatch. He had not had the hook before. What?

    Then he noticed Anna Marie's outfit, or lackthereof. "Arr."

    Nina is still getting dressed, and Tom has to grab his bolts. They will be out next round.

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    "Yes to both questions."

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    Upon hearing the thumping on the outer hull and the sudden commotion of the crew, Jang slowly bumbled into an awakened state. The bunk provided was pretty tiny for the nearly nine foot long creature, so she'd already turned it into a wee fort in the corner and squashed all the bedding behind it. It had the smells of meat and fish.

    Where was her trusty cleaver? Oh, in her teeth already. Her belty clothes? On already, but all messed up and facing the wrong way. Close enough.

    Now, the stairs. Those tiny little planks of anti-merfolk-ness...

    "SHGURUG AGRA AFUNIR." She made a noise as she clambered up to the top, blade still in mouth. Blind people could read the words written in flying drool.

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    The sound of people rushing up onto the deck made Amanda spring out of her cot. She already had some slacks and a shirt on for sleeping in, but on the way out she grabbed her weapon. This weapon was a long, thin chain about 13 feet long. On each end were two sharp spikes about a foot long each, made for either piercing or slashing. As she ran up on deck, the chain dragged behind her.

    "Uhg..." She rubbed her eyes to make sure her vision was correct. "Did the enemy steal everyone's pants??"

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Lacia, already awake, was startled horribly by the announcement of an attack. This was indeed something he was not yet ready for, as he had become accustomed to the serene waters and high spirit life.

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    Four of the Sahuagin, each armed with a trident, were now on the main deck. Presumably the other three were still climbing aboard.

    The one closest to Jang proceeded to shout something in Infernal or Sahuagin while stabbing her with its trident.

    The two Sahuagin closest to Zach did the same, although only one managed to hit, albeit critically. As the trident drove itself deep into the captain, the other Sahuagin laughed and shouted what one could assume were prayers to Sekolah and/or the Enemy.

    12 Damages to Jang!
    16 Damages to Zach!

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    Zach managed to ignore most of the pain of getting stabbed, allowing him to laugh mockingly in the face of the fish who did the stabbing.
    "Get off my fucking ship." Zach slashed the sahuagin twice with his cutlass.

    SPOILER! :
    Attacks:1d20+11=23, 1d20+6=19
    Damages:1d6+4=10, 1d6+4=9
    Total 19

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