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Thread: A Pirate's Life For Me (Ugarit)

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    And so Captain Zach stumbled off into the docks of Latoti in search of a ship for sale. It was a difficult choice (the Deathtrap and Arr, this bitch will never float were both very reasonably priced) but in the end he decided upon a heavy caravel, the Nave del Partido. Armed with 12 ballistae and 2 catapults, she should do nicely - for now anyway.

    With a ship to his name, he set off to Latoti's many taverns )and whorehouses) get the rest of the crew.
    The cook, Dave Taylor, seemed good enough. He was a handsome blonde guy Zach was reccomended. Apparently he was out of work because he slept with the tavern owner's wife. By all accounts his reputation as a chef was almost as big as his reputation as a womanizer, so assuming that none of the ladies on board killed him, he should do nicely.
    The musician, Annah, was a dancing girl and guitarist who apparently worked at a few taverns - for hire. She was gorgeous and dark skinned, apparently from the Six Kingdoms, and seemed friendly enough. She was gorgeous, and she had a great voice, and while he didn't hear her play or see her dance, he imagined - and heard from others - she was great at both. She made it clear that she wasn't a hooker, though, and that if she slept around it would be because she wanted to, not because she was offered money, and that if she felt mistreated she'd quit and/or kill you.
    The doctor, one Sherman Rhodes, was described as "a right bastard" and "surly" and "insufferable" and "an asshole with no respect for authority." He was, however, also described as "a great doctor." "A healer above all else." And as someone who "knows his shit." Zach took the 63 year old man's abrasive grunt as a "yes I'll join."
    Anna Marie, one of the warriors who signed up, was a curvy woman with an eyepatch and a cutlass. Really nice lips on her too. She seemed pretty flirty. Nina, the second warrior to join up, dual wielded crossbows and wasn't as pretty - or flirty - as Anna (or Annah) but at laest she didn't smell like Jang. The next warrior referred to himself - and was referred to by others - only as Pirate Steve. He added "yar" and "arr" and "aye" to every sentence and wielded a cutlass. Tom Bonne was kind of a thin and sickly looking guy, but according to everyone he was very good with his crossbow. You don't need to be that strong to aim good, I guess.
    Zach also hired 34 other crewman to work the ship, but they weren't particularly memorable to him.

    He bought 144 bolts for the ships ballistae, and an amazing quality lock for the ship's hold. All that was left for him was to set up the loot sharing policy, figure out what to do with his boat, and buy enough food for that trip.


    "Darling," Blackpool started, "as much as I appreciate the cleavage - and I do - you ought to show more. Or get bigger breasts. Or both. Or better yet, wear no clothes. And in a most fortuitous turn of events, I do believe my cabin currently has a dazzling away of no clothes, isn't that right first mate?!"
    The dark skinned woman's lips curled into an amused smirk. "That's right, captain."
    "Damn straight it is!" He proceeded to smash his mug on the floor. "Barkeep, what was that? No - I know that was a mug, you shithead, I'm not that drunk yet, unfortunately. I meant the thing in the drink! Don't care, I'll have another. What? Nonsense! I have not yet begun to debase myself!"

    His entourage erupted into laughter.
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