The hairy, ape-like creature whos face was firmly planted into the splintered table, sturred at the sound of raised voices. His thoughts were a trickle of sense weaved between a bombardment of numbed, drunken bullshit. Ale had always been good to Groh, but the ale in this place was too flat and watered down. After seventeen, they had finally done the trick and after a few hours he regained enough conciousness to take in the world around him and found he was sitting at a table with four others who were arguing about being catpain. He could almost remember why, but a barricade of liquir blocked his thought process. Fuck it.

As he lifted his head with his forearm he smelt the four day old vomit that had now been ingrained in the dark fur that covered his body. He through his head back to get a view of the people around the table but could only make out blurs and colours. Fuck it.

'You know what you people need is a Captian with bollocks!' he yelled, before taking another swig of warm, watered down ale. 'A captian with bollocks so big you could choke a whale with only one.' On the belt around his waist was a pouch of tabacco, inside which were several dried out leaves. He grabbed one and began to roll a bad impression of a cigarette as he spoke. 'I've sailed on many ships since I was only a lad. Since a time when my bollocks were only pebbles, sure. By fuck, you should see them now.' He took a match from another pouch, struck it on the table and held it too the end of his make shift cigarette, not really caring weather anyone was listening to him or not. 'But those captains were afraid of the seas. Do ya hear me talking!? A fucking Captian afriad of the bastard sea he is sailing on! Oceans left unseen. Treasures left unlifted. Virgins left unenlightened. All because they had no bollocks.' He took a long drag and exhaled it in the face of someone nearby. 'Well fuck that game! My bollocks are ready to scurge the seas for it all! All booze included.'

The hadozee seemed to find this very funny and held back the vomit in his throat as he laughed.