"Yuh, you iz kinda chest-fat..." Jang spoke blankly, not really understanding why they would bother with the effort of replacing her clothes. Old belts and crap were just there because she got yelled at when they wern't. What good would new belts and crap do? "But thanks prezunt."

The kiss made her writhe a bit. Didn't understand that either. This 'being nice to Jang' thing was pretty new. Pretty suspicious. Pretty sneaky. Why did Annah want a Jang freind? What did Jang have except for awesome that she could not give? Even if Annah was being nice was she still being an eviler?

In a spree of motion, she haphazardly threw the large black fabric band-thing around her upper chest, and then rapidly dragged her hair down infront of her sealed-shut eye.

"Frundz with Jang, hear. But only 'cause I am fan-tes-teek and I thinky youz need me be nice you. Hear?"

Oh, right, she was trying to look more confident and cool. Or something.

"Jang will no let bad be fur Annah."