SO I've never been able to keep up an art thread, but here it goes!

Here's some stuff from the old forum (Drawn with Sakura pens):

And I've decided to actually draw out character designs for my OC's, so I've started on that. All of the inks were done with a dip pen and Bombay ink (which I just got a week ago =) ) and the coloring was done with Blick Markers, which I got for Christmas:

This one's for a character in the manga that I've been attempting to work on:

And this one is the main character for a one-shot I'm doing as my "Personal Project" at school (which, by the way, is just another way that the school tries to make sure we have no life...)

That was my second time coloring with markers, and I don't usually color in general so it took me forever to do =/ O and the dates are so that I can look back at my progress in my sketch book better.

Please C&C! Every comment is greatly appreciated =). And just speak the truth, since it's not going to help me at all if you tell me that the picture I drew of a monkey looks like a monkey when it really looks just like an elephant... if you get what I'm saying :P

Thanks =D