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    If you just like realistic stuffs then you must have hated dragonball z so much huh.

    Edit: well the reason I love gurren lagann so much has nothing to do with it being realistic or not.

    Every Villain has his own reasons for doing the bad stuffs and the protagonist has a very perfect personality that even though the whole world that he tried to save wanted him to be executed he still in the end up so much into saving them.

    He's probably the most selfless guy I seen so far.

    No offense but I hated the personality of the protagonist on most gundam stuffs that I actually watched..
    G Seed has a crybaby protagonist
    G seed destiny Has a protagonist with a bad attitude and would use the other guy's weakness of "don't kill" to kill him.
    G 00- is just a freak.. I can't even see much of his purpose in there.
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