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Thread: dbc artworks *BANDWITH KILLER!!!*

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    Behind you... *sounds so creepy, eh?*
    Quote Originally Posted by Tanatos View Post
    You're good on the "cuteness" business. xD

    But on the second pic, aren't those legs too long? o.o They look good, but they are really long xD

    I like this one:

    there's a style
    thank you, Tanatos XDD
    well, when I draw it i got a "Persona Fever" and I always made every legs long, but now I've repent and change my style XD
    and since I repent, I realize her legs was really long, longer than in persona XDD *stupei...*

    thank you
    honestly i love that picture too

    p.s : your name really remind me to Persona 3 (don't remind about this note, this is OOT) XD

    @ Axion : thanks ^^
    honestly, i'm really suck in coloring, i love every color in this world, but me myself can't coloring well T_T
    but I'll try, and, I hope i can give at least 1 colored pic this year ^^

    good suggestion, I'm still learning about those things now =)
    lol, don't worry that still makes sense for me

    Well, actually I'm afraid people will think I'm a art thief if I copy somebody's style

    that first link really good! Maybe I can use them as new references
    but I'm still afraid O.o

    the second one is good too, maybe i can use that to improve my 'seriousness' style XD

    thanks for all of those links, I really love you!!! >w<
    yeah, I couldn't agree more about that (that last sentence)

    I'll try that since I have a Staedler pigment liner now ^^

    Don't worry I won't do that
    I'm not psycho like that crazy bunny *pointing at the Dec 30 picture*

    DeviantArt Loves You... LOL, that's really funny for me XDD
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    no problem

    i dont think you need to work on a serious style but but make some really defined characters
    and stuff like a "foxy lady" if you get my drift like really seductive and such
    you can still keep it in your style while making her seem so dangerous and such

    actually having vibrant colours or just ccolours in general are quite inspiring
    they can set the atmostphere and everything

    further more good luck (Y)

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    Behind you... *sounds so creepy, eh?*
    It's been a really long time I haven't post anything here
    I really want to get more and moar critiques, so I reviving this thread with more "awkward" (I mean bad) pics, and still BWK. So please, critique more, moar!

    to the point, here's my pic. Most of them are CHBIIIEEESSSS and still, BWK pics.

    The worst one
    I drew this (almost) less than 30 mins because my facebook friend challenged me to find out who have the-most-weird-hairstyled OC. This is my Project TE:AP OC, Gabriel. His hair a kinda remind me to Cat's ear or to Master Yoda's ear

    My chibi training attempt. Don't look at the corner right bottom one. It's CACAD.

    My AiW OCs. From left to right are White Rabbit, Alice, and Mad Hatter. This picture isn't really BWK.

    Chibi again. It's Gabriel and Michael. Nothing to say here except "Lots of failures".

    This one is also bad. And it's still WIP.

    Look at the corner right bottom.
    What do you think about this one? I made it with my mouse. it's a kinda interesting to draw with mouse, but it's so hard.

    That's all for now. I really appreciate all of your critiques. Especially if you want to show me a link about clothes folding.


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