In the past few years, Europe has been bursting into riots in response to the increasing class divide and the downturn in economies. In the last few days there's been rioting in the major cities of the UK.

Speculation and opinions on these events go here. Personally I agree with the Spanish newspaper El Pais:

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The economic crisis cannot become the sole explanation for the violent outbreaks that are multiplying in Europe. Each case is different, but taken together they are bolstering the view that representative democracy is incapable of dealing peacefully with the growing unrest among citizens. It is a slippery slope that governments have to deal with, while scrupulously obeying the rule of law.
I posted something last night about it, as well. This is just my opinion, mind you.

Public unhappiness amongst working class, caused by economic downturn.
Economic downturn, caused by deficit spending and subprime lending.
Deficit spending and subprime lending, caused by need of government to remain popular through popular policies and derestriction of banks.
Need of government to remain popular caused by the democratic system.
Democratic system caused by human need to feel power, even if that power is only illusory.

Human nature, but in terms of what's changeable, the economic repercussions of democracy.