You see,it's because comic have like different styles?Well,fine,I won't touch on it much.
Next,sucidal?Are you going there for sucidal or what?

"I invite everyone to come here to learn about art. "
sure,go ahead.I 'm not against it.Everybody can invite people to different countries,why can't you?

"I don't understand when you have everything you need at the doors of your house and you don't pick it, maybe because I don't have that luck. "

That doesn't even apply to my topic at all.."Random talk that may interest you" If that doesn't interest you,you can just leave it alone?Many of the people in the world have the desire to go to Japan.

No offence here.I created this thread just to make people realise their dreams and grasp the opportunity for some things they do not know of.

I'm sorry if my words hurt you.But,please understand.