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Thread: Manga Drawing

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    Manga Drawing

    Hello, I am Soal Reaver, I've been on this site before and I registered today

    I used to draw a lot 2-3 years ago, and I wasn't very bad at it hehe. But lately I haven't drawn very much and I've kindof lost it. I wouldn't say I'm horrible at drawing and your eyes will bleed when you see my drawings, but I also am not good.

    I always used to be into manga drawing, and I kindof suck at drawing manga.

    So.. Could someone maybe help me out with it? Like a link to a tutorial for beginners?

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    Sure! Most manga center around anatomy would be the place to start:

    The site has a tab for tutorials; I suggest you look there in the future.

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    This person is SERIOUSLY funny. She teaches the Basic Basics lol.

    also i searched up beginner tutorials on they have a lot of good things on here. also the Massive Tutorial's list we have here is pretty good.


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