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Thread: Discarded Manga Ideas/Plots

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    If I may, First of all I'm completely new to manga/anime but it is enjoyable. I wrote a story i didn't see really going anywhere.

    So it is about 3 main characters, Khalil (named after myself), Fraise (at the time i was writing it in 1st person and this was the narrarator), and Raine (a girl who is the clichè female thief protagonist). Anyways its in a future not quite post-apoc but not exactly peaceful, where earth has split in 2 (creatively named left and right earth) where left earth is very industrious and wants right earth's resources. The story is 2 years after a large war where many soldiers disapeared from both sides along with Fraises girlfriend, Fraise is walking around right earth exiled (as he was the only soldier to return home) when he comes across a group of islanders (people who live on the moon) one of which named Khalil explains to him he knows where the soldiers and Fraise's girlfriend went. Khalil takes him to the moon (called the island) where they go to a place called the void. The void is the main setting of the first story and it is not exactly a barren wasteland. Basicly the void is another world where monsters roam (think giant birds, talking reptillian merchants, dragons, and elementals), it is not a wasteland either, there are parts where there is fertil land (lived on by humans who came to the void by accident). So fraises gf is trapped by an evil human (or demon i was debating it) who has pretty much amassed an army and taken controll of the void, he is using the soldiers and anyone else who enters as slaves or sacrifices.

    I got to a town and never finished, I just could not get the ideas flowing again. It would've ended with him saving the girl then there would be another part where he retakes the void making it safe for humans again, then another where the four of them would fight left earth etc. I planned it to be 3-5 arcs essentially.

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    Oooh I had this in mind before I got frustrated and quit drawing for a long time.

    This would've been a black comedy and takes place where a race of humanoid cat creatures creatures enjoy hunting and eating real humans. One of there own, a spunky but friendly female of their group goes on a hunt and meets a horribly mistreated bitter younger human guy that pretty much wants to die and could care less on how to go. She ends up slaughtering his abusive owners and their associates. She then decides to take the guy to their lair, but instead taking his life she decides to keep him as a pet. Part of the dark comedy is she has to hide him from her family who want to make him their latest supper. As time goes by the guy warms up and they become friends and soon they're off on crazy gore adventures killing humans and then taking them back and eating them as if it were the normal thing to do.

    Yeah I didn't get too far but that was my *canceled* idea for a manga/graphic novel etc. XD

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