I don't know if anyone remembers, but on the old forum, we had a thread in Manga Works that was specifically for plots and storyline ideas that people came up with, but didn't use. I thought it was very interesting, and was hoping to start it up again?

It's basically a brainstorm thread.

PS. It doesn't matter how cliche or overused they sound. Post 'em anyway! You never know, someone might take different elements from multiple stories and make a totally unique one!

((And if there is already a thread like this, please say so and I will delete asap))



Here are mine.

1. "Choiceless" (or flash box, idk)
- One shot
- SciFi
- Adult
- Psychological
- Horror (gorey)
- In an unknown city, a new breed of criminal is on the rise. Using booths called "Flash Boxes", one is able to simulate 11 days (264 hours) without sleep, forcing the adrenal glands into a lethally hyperactive state. The effects of a Flash Box last 16 hours followed by fatal cardiac arrest, but during that time the user's senses and nervous system exceed superhuman levels.
These criminals call themselves "The Choiceless" (bad name, i know Dx ) wearing blood-stained porcelain masks to hide their faces, deformed by sleep deprivation.
Whether its for vengeance or ideology, the physically unstoppable "Choiceless" vow to destroy as many people as humanly possible within their final hours, so that they may enter the afterlife with peace of mind.

PLOT: 19 year old (Insert name here) is framed by her three stepbrothers for the murder of her own parents, and given the death sentence. On the day of her execution, a man wearing a porcelain mask saves her, killing everyone in the room in the process. He tells her she can bring justice to her situation by using a Flash Box, etc etc

(Thats about as far as I got... She uses it, becomes a choiceless and kills her brothers thinking she avenged her parents, only to find out that it wasn't them who were at fault, it was actually another choiceless who killed them, and spared her brothers' lives if they agreed to create and sell more flash boxes to different districts of the city. They supposedly got filthy rich from doing it, and wanted to keep her out of the loop by sending her to prison. Money is yet again the antagonist *eyeroll*
Alot of other stuff happens, she falls in love with the guy who saved her (lol secks scene), but they both only have about 2 hours left before they die, so he builds a new type of flash box that can transfer adrenal hormones, and thus extend time limits. He dies while using it, but manages to give her his time.
The final climax is that she has to use her last hours to defeat the choiceless that killed her parents, and he ends up being the very first choiceless, surviving for almost a year by killing other choiceless and stealing their adrenaline with a similar machine to the one her lover created.)

Yeah, after a while the plot stops making sense, and I got too frustrated to continue. *rage*


2. (I forgot what the title was.. something about thunder and cellos)
- One Shot
- Supernatural
- Action

PLOT: In a smoldering village cursed by an endless lightning storm, a musician from a distant land tames the energy into the strings of his violin. For decades he warded off the storms that threatened the lives of the citizens, and was known as the "Son of Sounds".
Several years have passed since the Son of Sounds passed away, locking his violin in a safe deep underground so that the people could live without fear of the storms within its strings.

(Thats as much as I have... Its supposed to be something like "The daughter of the Son of Sounds is raised in the village, which is now being threatened by the "storm god" who created the first one that her father tamed. And now she has to use the storms in the old violin to try and defeat the storms of the Storm God to save the world, blah blah blah. ITS GETS TOO CLICHE. Plus it sounds like a song called "The Devil went down to Georgia" I've heard before.)