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Thread: The Stanley Parable

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    The Stanley Parable

    Anyone here who owns Half-Life 2 or any other game made with the HL2 engine should play this mod. It's about... well, I don't know what it's about, but I suspect it's about life. Get it here.

    I wrote this about it:

    - I'll be frank: this game terrifies me. It's too realistic, despite the bland graphics and simplistic choices.
    - If you obey, you get rewarded but you know that you're ultimately a slave.
    - If you disobey you get insulted and punished, and your only reward is the knowledge that you're doing what's right.

    EDIT: In a weird way it reminded me of Canabalt. That game begins with you smashing through an office block window and running. It makes me think of the idea of 'running away' from the tedium of routine and normality. And obstacles get in your way. You can't dodge them all, but you can become faster. More agile. Better at surviving the attacks made on you. But your death is inevitable.

    In both cases, I think they sum up REBELLION.
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