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Thread: featured photo?

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    in your heart

    featured photo?

    i noticed that there is a Featured photo before i sign in to this site.

    at first i just thought it was just random and i'm seeing just random gallery of someone. but now i noticed that i see photos that i seen before over and over again.. so it might not be random and it might be chosen artworks...

    so there's this question that came to my mind.. cause i want to get famous

    how can my artwork be one of those chosen?

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    I THINK these ARTS are from OEKAKI CONTESTANTS....
    i am not sure.......... but i think so...

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    They're artwork that I randomly choose. They have to be at least drawn well, funny, or have some other charm to it in order for me to make it a Featured Art. It's been awhile since I picked new artwork so it's been rotating the same artworks for awhile now.

    I'll go look at the Gallery and choose some new one's when I get the chance. I've been busy taking care of those dang spammers for the past several weeks. >: (


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