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Cool, thanks. If you could do something about the post length limits though, that's really the killer. Also to a lesser extent the limit of four images per post and worse, if such a thing exists and I've yet to encounter it, any sort of link limit. The DnD threads obviously have lots of links in every post, due to rolls, and also sometimes can have many images due to maps and stuff.

Glad to hear though.
I already took care of those. Here's a recap (it's several posts above this one if you want to see the original):

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1. Reputation is now OFF.
2. You can now post however long a post you want to. No character limit.
3. You can post however many images, videos, etc in your posts. No image/video limit.
4. The thread starter should now be able to change the title of the thread at any time.
5. There will be no word censors here at this forum (at least for now) due to the inability of each member to choose whether to use the word censor or not.

I'll post more as I get it done.
@ Hayashida
Sure, I'll see if I can use some other images instead.... It's going to take awhile though as there's some pretty big icons here for these thread posts... :\