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    Hey again TK.. it always helps me to imagine the character standing on flat surface, like a table or something... but I usually line the feet up using the heel/heels mostly because when characters take a stance or just stand around.. whatever leg the character is using for balance and weight support will usually be grounded by the heel.

    Your guy here, his weight should be supported by his right leg (viewers left) because the movement reads left to right (as in that's the direction your chara is going) and then the bending of the knee usually represents tension where weight should be. The foot for that right leg doesn't seem grounded.. like his heel is raised causing him to seem floating..

    think of the feet as triangular prisms with the point going towards the shin, and the flat part being the sole of the foot. Then imagine that Triangular prism sitting on a table (or get a triangular shaped object and try this) and then move up and down watching the edge of the table behind it.. also watch how the shape of the triangle it's self changes due to angle causing foreshortening, going from 1 point, 2 point, and 3 point perspectives.. then just imagine the triangle forms into a foot.. with a leg attached to it... then a person.

    I also disagree with the Vanishing point comment too an extent.. two different objects can have two different VP's (both a persons feet can have a different VP is what I mean).. I mean how else do you explain a box in 2point perspective sitting on top of a box in 1 point perspective... though EVERYTHING will have the same horizon.. the horizon never changes, just the angle you look at it. What I think he meant to say.. is they don't sit on the same plane adjacent to how you chara stands..

    Hope that wasn't too extensive..

    Hope that helps a bit
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