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Thread: BozArts: More empty Promises

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    The first one. Pretty good. I like the head design. the tattos and the face in general seems awesome to me. The body is ok...the prosthethics are interesting but when your trying to make an cyborg/android/thinge....make it either
    A) Simple

    Circles and tubes...simple shapes.

    B)Simple....with a lot of details!!!!

    there are a few basic shapes here...that have been detailed to hell!!!

    The cover. is pretty nice but ill cover it next time....get it.........i need a life.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    Adding to what Gedeon said; To gribblies or not to gribblies, that is the question... At any rate these are some pretty nice, original character designs.

    Perhaps some more mistakes that other people haven't mentioned, through. The axe head seems to be at a wrong angle on the cyborg image. The robot arm and leg could probably do with some actual joints, too. The expression and everything is pretty cool, mind.

    The novel image thingy... Perhaps could have done with detail? The proportions and everything seem to be good, but more folds, an extra level of shading, or some pockets/seams really would have gone a long way. As mentioned by other people, the woman's face is pretty off, alrough perhaps it's because you didn't line her jaw up properly with the top of her face? Almost everything about the dude is pretty spot-on, anyhow.

    Keep at it, man.


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