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Thread: greenfox's stuff.

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    this is like the first time i inked something an it actually turned out alright.
    i like any criticism you can give me.

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    Nice job greenfox212! Just add a little more detail...
    Try to fade the shadow a little.

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    You need to work on your faces in profile, currently theres a lack of definition of the forehead c: makes them look flat.
    The jawbone could use a little more definition, as well, and the middle of the ear should be about the same height as the eye is.

    You also might want to look at some references for how muscles, necks, collarbones and shoulders sit in relation to each other in similar positions to this, it looks a little odd right now. The arms themselves are looking nice!

    The hands could use a little more work, but they're hard;;; Posing hands is like posing a whole other in itself sometimes. But a good place to start are your own hands! Pretend you're conjuring some magic in a similar way to this-- how is your hand sitting? You might need some mirrors for this.

    The robe is fairly nice... But she seems to have disappearing feet ;D We should be seeing a little heel or toe somewhere, hm?

    Anyway, it's a nice picture, despite my critique, yes.

    In my opinion, the main problem is actually the wings! You should look for references, theories as to how they connect to shoulder bones and how wings fold.

    Keep drawing, looking forward to seeing more.

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    For the first picture, you have the right idea with the clothes... I won't mention anatomy as it was mentionned a lot... Your look is about 25-30 years old, I think, but it needs a few flourishes. first, add more of a tilt to the belt and make it thicker.. let it hang from one hip and thus dangle from the other. Since you want an older look, lengthen the coat. A spunky older lady (30s and 40s) would wear a belly shit, however they would keep their jackets open to expose the shirt and wear a coat about down to their belly button or longer. As for the pants, the baggy look isn't old enough. let them hang open if you want them short, or use them full length.. to make them sexy use a semi bellbottom, full length look: get it tight at the top, then loosen them off past the knee to a normal fit.

    For the dress, it looks amazing and you got a good dress for what I am guessing her age is. However, as she is an older lady, I would suggest a light sash to accent her waist. She looks shy about her beauty. if she is, she would hardly be standing straight, so add some pleats in the bottom half to accent the fact that her knee is bent and the dress isn't skin tight (which at that length, wouldn't allow her to walk) As well as amplify her femininity by accenty the breasts. Especially how she is standing, she would be squeezing her boobs together, so there would be a lot of cleavage.

    The guy jumping off the wall, is awesome, there is a lot of detail... I'd put a smaller nose as yours seems to be half his face, putting the skull's nose cavity up in line with the eyes. The eyes should be a little smaller as the size now suggest 15-17 and the body suggests adult. The thumb should be flat on the wall, as the hand suggests it's a brick wall and not a metal barred wall. By the looks of proportions, the wall would also be about waist high, or lower, so his supporting arm should be a little more bent, putting his shoulder in line with the hand. Also, his body would be a straight motion line, rather than the curved. Right now, you have it looking like he has two left arms, but the right hands. the supporting arm would be facing us head on, so the deltoid (shoulder muscle) would be on the side of the bicep, allowing the bicep to buldge on it's own.

    Lastly, the only real thing I see wrong with the angel is that your body and neck are facing 3/4 turn, and her head is in profile. the neck needs a twist in it or the face should be 3/4, depending if you want to keep her looking off to the side of her hand or not...

    That's what I see, but you have a lot of tallent. keep it up!
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    kaspar: thanks, i'll try that.

    halo: thanks this really helps. face and hands are my weakness
    good thing your pointed out the wings, i probably wouldn't have noticed them if you hadn't.

    Maxx_Wellington: awesome. thanks you some much. the critique one the guy jumping over the wall was very helpful. i'll have to redraw him now.

    thanks so much every one.

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    no prob.

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    if there any advise any one can give me before i ink this that would be great.
    i used be good at drawing shoes, don't know what happened. any advise about where her other arm should be would be great.

    any way any comment and critique are appreciated.
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    yet another gal, i wasn't sure if i should at wrinkles in the dress. i'm not really sure about it at all. but it doesn't look awful i think.

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    It doesn't look awful just need to practice more on those creases and copy from real clothing to make them even better

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    Try to draw the structure of the body, in preference with muscles. So you can have a control of the disposition of the lines and all that.

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