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Thread: Character with the saddest past life

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    No one should forget arseface.

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    You're making it hard to.
    My AA thread - Updated 06/28/14

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    You're my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijju View Post
    Saddest character with past?
    Lucy/Nyu-chan/Kaede from Elfen Lied.
    Why does everyone hate Elfen Lied....?
    It's a broken base. People's opinions on Elfen Lied are primarily formed based on two things: whether they stay with it through the gore and nudity to the tragedy parts at the end, and whether they can forgive Lucy for becoming a sadistic hyperaggressive psycho after what she went through. And then, of course, you also have to be a sucker for sad stories. On top of that there's very little instant gratification in Elfen Lied (besides gory decapitations and such). It's a masterpiece to a specific kind of person, but then so is everything. It's a work with VERY subjective quality.


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