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Thread: Dylstew's stuff(I'm improving :3)

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    I agree with what Rio said. Keep practicing though, and you're sure to improve

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    mmmkay so the deal is : i likey how you have pretty clean lines and your art reminds me alot of a friend when he used to draw manga.
    I think some advice I would give is first to study real people and how tthere anatomy looks. Dont try to work out every name of every bone but just get a general feel for the way it all looks.

    Or if thats boring .. try this. I think your using the traditional guidelines that can be found on all drawing sites and in all drawing books and thats great if you are because there real usefull and i still often use them. But when using them two things to bare in mind

    1. Try to draw all the shapes as 3d images , you dont need to shade them but when you draw them atleast think in your head that they are 3d and try to imagine them wraphing round tto create form.

    2. Something I learned last year is that those guides are not the be all end all of drawing manga. Try to be a bit more fluid in there use. I tend to go with a general gesture sketch and then add the guidelines in to get the anatomy correct. Try thinking of the body as a bean bag or a pillow in that its pretty flexible and loose in some areas like the hips. That will help bring life to your drawings

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    Yeey I got critique from rio,i'll defintly use that xP.
    I noticed myself I have problems with the eyes and shoulders.
    I especially have problems with soulders on the quarter view -_-(Can you give me some tips on that? It's really hard!)
    And the folds are extremely hard,thiswas my first try. I already read that tutorial a long time ago btw.
    And I did look at a photo for some folds.

    No critique on the shading? this is the first time I tried in my life! 0.o

    And drawing is making me depressed these days for some reason..... It's too hard I guess xD
    EDIT: I have a better guess:
    Trying to become better doesn't feel fun at all and I keep dreaming of being able to make an okay or good looking comic/manga xD
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