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Thread: Another new guy, Suprise!

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    Another new guy, Suprise!

    Hey, guys; I've been lurking here for a while now, and now decided to make an account on here! When I was younger, I had struggled much with drawing, but thanks to tutorials and other resources on this website, I feel like I am at a comfortable position artistically (of course that doesn't mean I can't get better...). To continue the trend of aid, I'll likely be seen critiquing what I can and perhaps showing some works of my own, that is if I can get my hands on a camera/printer. I'm not much of a digital artist. :/ This site gives many ideas for drawing as well, so I won't end up making the same piece over and over like I have been lately... Yeah, besides that, there ain't much to say. Hi.

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    It's good to know you're happy with your progress; many artists can't say that.


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    Hi Sir Jimm, welcome to Manga Tutorials! I'm glad to hear you finally joined - it's much easier to learn when you can actually talk to people and get responses than just reading up on tutorials. If you ever get the chance, drop by the Group Board - several of the members give impromptu drawing lessons there. You may not be able to draw digitally, but you can at least follow the instructions live which can't be beat! (Even better than watching a video!)


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