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Thread: You And Your Games

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    You And Your Games

    Talk about games and systems you own, owned or plan to own, in particular I want to know what games your currently playing. Do not make a list.

    Currently I'm playing a lot of Section 8: Prejudice and KillzoneŽ 3

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    PC Gamer, can't afford to invest in all the new gaming systems along with games anymore . Currently playing Killing Floor, League of Legends and The Last Remnant. Plan to start playing FFXII whenever I get done with Remnant.

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    Just jumped back into Black Ops, idc what people say it's a fun Arcade-y FPS, very easy to pick-up and play.

    Also Lego Star Wars III (ground battles are so fun! it's like an RTS/Puzzle hybrid) and Mario Kart Wii (practicing for the 3DS version).

    The Section 8 series is one of my favorite series that I never play enough.


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