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    |[SUTARI]| lotta concept art

    The gallery confused me and I thought that would count as a thread, then I saw critique corner.... bleh. anyways,

    I have been drawing since 2006 on the old old MT. I would not be as far as I am now without the amazing critiques everyone gave back then. Hopefully I can continue to get them and improve more!

    Improvement chart-ey thing: (drawing the same thing once every year)

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    (i didnt draw him for 2011, i will on my birthday lol)



    And now for recent things.

    I haven't done anatomy practice in a long time and I think I'm slacking miserably

    Lineart (if anyone wants to redline)
    SPOILER! :

    Color (if anyone wants to point out painting mistakes. please. i dont really know what I'm doing as far as blending is concerned )
    SPOILER! :
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