My downloads didn't even start when I tried to get 11 and 12, so I had to watch it on some site where it was horrible quality and cut out the last five minutes.

I find myself agreeing with Clock with just a bit of deviation (I find the last episodes mediocre, but not horrible). Korra losing her bending was a moment that even shocked me; I sincerely thought Mako would get a round of lightning off at the last second. Then, when she discovered airbending, I thought it made sense: Amon would have never faced an airbender before (his goons probably captured Tenzin's family). Therefore, would he know how to fight one? That said, I think he did lose a bit too easily. One could argue that he was weakened by Mako's lightning, but really? The final moment with them hugging in the tower is underwhelming at best because it didn't feel like a proper victory.

Now let's talk about Asami, and I think this is just about the only cliche this show broke: Asami ended up not betraying her friends to her dad. It kind of surprised me, but just like Amon's defeat, it was extremely underwhelming. I regret to say that I don't really understand why it was underwhelming. Maybe it was a lack of intensity in the fight? But really, that could be applied to any of the final episode's fights. Nothing was all that intense for some reason.

Next, there's Korra's lost bending. She reacts to it the way I thought she would, having been raised her whole life as the Avatar, the only person in the world who could master all four elements. So I understood her being upset about it. Rejecting her friends and running off to be alone, I don't think fit as well as a more humble response, considering the first time she was scared she hugged Tenzin and cried. That was a good moment that I thought was a good character development point for her, but despite a hotheaded personality, it just doesn't seem like running off to be alone was the right reaction. I can't really explain it. It just didn't work for me.

Now, getting her bending back. Since my Internet died on me and I didn't see the last 5 minutes, and given what Clock said, I agree. Like the rest of the final episode, restoring Korra's bending and giving her the power to give it back to others completely nullified the sacrifices everyone else made and removes any confidence I had that Korra was even nearly as good as Last Airbender.

Not horrible in my opinion, but very close. Of course, it's in the uncomfortable position of being watched just after Fellowship of the Ring, but I don't think that's too big a part of it.