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Thread: Any info on how to apply for a Graduate Degree in the US

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    Any info on how to apply for a Graduate Degree in the US

    I'm doing a research and I hope that those of you here in the US would be able to give me some more information as I'm a bit lost. I want to apply for a graduate degree in an university here (SUNY At Buffalo). I'm reading their website for the past few days and I get more and more confused. It's a bit different than the process in my country.

    So far I've found out that:
    - I am eligable to Federal Student Aid. (Probably the Stafford Loan.);
    - I may be able to get a reduced in-state tuition;
    - I have to take "Test of English as a Foreign Language" (TOEFL) or IELTS;
    - I have to take GRE;
    - I have to submit recommendations. (wonder if they can also be from employers)

    I think I have most documents from my previous University that they may require and I have them translated into English.

    Now I wonder what is the difference between FullTime and PartTime studing. If for example I'm in Fulltime how possible it seem for me to be able to work fulltime. My work is very flexible in terms of hours. I think I'd have to make atleast 30 hours/week. Not sure if my employer will like the idea of me working partime.

    I hope to get some loan and convince my employer to help me with my tuition.

    If you can give me any usefull information you know. For example what is that GRE test. Is it hard and when shall I take it? I already know about the TOEFL and believe my english is more than enought to pass that test.
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