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Thread: Panzer Dragoon lives!

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    Panzer Dragoon lives!

    It's been eight years since Panzer Dragoon Orta on the Xbox, longer than the time between the Saturn's death and Orta's release by a third... But now, it looks like some magnificent pariahs are gonna dig the series up in style. For the Kinnect, no less...

    Might not be much to go on as yet, but the original series director (Yukio Futatsugi) is also involved in this now, giving Reg some pretty damn high hopes... I might even actually buy a Kinnect to play it. XD


    For the uninitiated, the Panzer Dragoon games were a bunch of rail shooters from the ninties that played like starfox riding a godzilla monster. On top of that, they had orchestral music, sweeping landscapes and gigantic bosses I'd compare to a fast paced Shadow of the Collosus. Criminally underplayed due to the Sega Saturn's lack in popularity, they have real heart and effort put in...

    Even Saga, the sole RPG of the seires, -released during the system's twilight, and sustaining the death of two team members during it's development- is a damn masterpeice that butts heads with the likes of Chrono Trigger.


    So... *Ahem*... I'm not shreiking to deaf ears here, am I?... >_>
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