I think every day that pass being nerd it's more a fashion statement than just being a stupid ass hole with his head in the wrong place (beloved comics!), and I just don't get.

I'm happy in a part and in the other I'm facepalming. I'm happy because it changing the view of how nerd, geeks, gamers and such are looked, the stereotype it's changing and its evolving to something less Neanderthal than the typical addict to games and super heroes who use weird suits (the only super hero with a cool suit it's IronMan, and he had a fashion designer behind him) and it's becoming like... (would I dare to say it?)... a normal person (I did). And that's great. But I hate how everything else become more stupid and how this "fashion statement" it's destroying what I love, X-men Movies where awful, Thor was just good visually, SpiderMan was good, but Spiderman 3!!! and don't even make me talk about the Fantastic 4 and the video game movies.

I want people to remember the time you read Spiderman, when Emma Forst was in charge of the Gift School of Xavier, When you were reading Deadpool just to laugh at his popculture/random dialogues and when you felt that The Sandman was mind blowing. Every time a new movie comes out everyone is hipped about it, even the people who always though Captain America was from DC (trust me, this people exist), but who are the ones who suffer the most? who are the ones that feel the movie just rape the awesome comic it use to be? Us! and it's always the same.

And it's not just movies with comics, it's also about movies and video games, and literature. Books are transformed in tv series or movies and unless HBO is doing it, they will SUCK! And even worst this new generations apparently are hungry for more of this, they want to be Fashion Nerds, but the kind that like shit in their mouth, what the fuck?

So that's my deal, it sound like a rant and all that, but I want to know. Is just me? what do you think about it? how do you look the future? and all those other questions.

Because I don't wanna go to a movie and see that most of the cast members are models, just because it's sells more (transformer movies).