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Thread: your way of sketching

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    your way of sketching

    a friend of mine asked me why i use so many lines while drawing and then it got me thinking
    everyone must have a different way of sketching. tell or show us how you sketch or any little tips on how you get it done!

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    It's kind of weird for me. Sometimes I use a lot of lines and sometimes I don't. I just depends on how I like what I'm seeing. If I draw more lines, it means I either a) am adding more details b) making the line thicker or c) correcting a line and not bothering to use an eraser in the process.

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    depending on the style you're using, it might be essential to learn to draw with fewer strokes. I tend to use gesture/contour drawings when setting up my pieces instead of drawing in placeholders like boxes or circles.

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    I think it's a good idea to learn multiple ways of sketching.. considering the effect of feel you're going for. I sometimes crosshatch in a quick sketch just to represent texture or stipple even. Sometimes i sketch really quickly and messy just to get an idea down, and sometimes i do as Cypress mentioned and go with contours as well as use placeholders. If i know what I'm sketching, say from life, my sketches are a lot more controlled and clean as opposed to developing something from imagination where there are multiple lines like Rio explained, corrections and what not... a lot of the time I mix line and shadow in my sketches to remind myself of the light source.. it really is all just the purpose of the sketch... in my opinion anyway.. (oh and yes i don't believe anyone person sketches the same considering everyone is different.. as in the strokes will change but the concept may not)

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    I dunno, I just throw a lot of lines. I always start with the head as reference and then i go working with the body, but everything its a mess of lines (this is because I try to see the volume as I'm working with the proportions and symmetry).

    But every person has their own way, there are people who doesn't even sketch (I know a illustrator who is close to my family and he doesn't sketch, he goes directly to draw).

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    My sketches are often messy and disorientated haha.
    But the things I do use when sketching vary from piece to piece.

    For some poses I like to start with the head, then throw in a bean shape body and flesh out the anatomy from there. Other times I might use cuboids as place holders to make sure things are 3D. Some times I might use an hourglass shape, or some gesture drawing or I might even combine several of any of these at one time.

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    Well, when starting a character. I sketch out a basic figure or use 3Ds Max to pose a biped skeleton and then I sketch the basic form of the body I want over that.
    I usually use lots of lines but really tightly together so I can get all the detail I want in without it being too messy. After that I just go over the sketch and go from there.

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    I start my sketch by trying to press lightly so I can erase. 5 Lines later I'm pressing with full force and it's all downhill from there.

    Honestly I have 0 ability to sketch. Every drawing ends up being my final copy...

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    I sketch all the time. First I start with a sort of advanced stick figure. Then, I draw an outline of the body. Finally, I work in the details and erase the rough frame. I usually don't just draw. Everything start off with a sketch; that way, I can get my proportions right, or almost right as I'm never perfect.
    I am so not typing anything interesting...

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    when i sketch, i use alot of lines.. none of them have anything to do with the finished drawing, i'm just a relatively lazy drawer and i draw sloppily when i'm very lazy. I have a problem with making my lines too rugged, but for my final... layer, i use my best drawing.

    oh, and another thing, i only draw my best when i see how the drawing is going to turn out, or, whether or not i am going to like the finished product.

    so is that what ya wanted?

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