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Thread: Hi new guy here...

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    Hi new guy here...

    Hi it's my first time here in Manga Tutorials and its my first time in a forum..

    I was just wondering...I'd really like to post a tutorial, and is it OK if i use some images from a Manga?

    I want to do a "Case Study" of Techniques used by famous Mangaka (manga artists)... This will serve as a reference to people who want to improve there creations just like the pros do...

    plz reply... thanks...

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    Hey Arguz! Welcome to the site! C:

    I think you can use images as long as they are for educational purposes and doesn't show the entire volume. Using a page from a manga series is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable. I was actually thinking of doing what you're intending to do - a case study of manga's - so that people can learn techniques. Of course, I wouldn't be doing it now but sometime in the future.

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    Thank You Very Much!!!! I wish to contribute more to this website.. and also see others and myself grow in creating Manga..

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    welcome to the site. Probably see ya around the forums! :)


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