There was this time not really long ago that i had this nightmare that some people killed me.

After that they place my brain into some kind of ball capsule that is really small just fit for my brain with nothing but red water on it.
I have conscious and i can see everything with only me in just a capsule.

After that they made some clones of my brain and put it into a red capsule just like my self and put them all together with me, it was a whole big place like a concert hall with only red capsules everywhere with my clones and i can hear them all screaming with me!

That was probably the most creepiest nightmare i ever dreamt and it's not even comparable to any scary story that i see on TV, I really don't know what i watched before having this nightmare but I think i got it from playing metroid prime 3 on wii when the time samus was talking to a big brain,