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Thread: Creepy Stories based on video games

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    Creepy Stories based on video games

    4chan is known for starting a lot of good things and bad things, I never really follow it but have noticed a somewhat interesting trend known as creepypasta. Basically they are original content of written stories, which has given birth to a number of things, Red, Ben Drowned, Herobrine, etc. Though the ones that seem to be the most popular are ones based on video games. This thread is basically about creepy stories behind video games, or creepy indie or older games, pre ps2 era. The following are some that freaked me out quite a bit.

    Ben Drowned

    This has to be the scariest one I've seen yet, just because of how much that game freaked me out when I originally played it by myself as a kid, some of the npcs just didn't sit right, the main one being the smiling merchant which he uses a lot. A recent video about 4 months ago suggests he might be making more.


    The main reason this one is so scary was before the wolf addition to minecraft, playing single player always gave off a feeling of incredible solitude, which sometimes freaked a lot of people out when in caves by themselves. I personally just tended to get depressed especially due to the music, though after seeing this was always on edge of seeing Herobrine.

    More to come in a bit, just trying to start off the thread.

    Lost Silver

    This game is actually downloadable, shaped after the creepypasta. I have yet to play it, though will probably atleast start it today.
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