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    My version of MW3

    I don't care what has or hasn't been confirmed, I'm going to design my own layout of MW3 on this thread because ideas have been stirring in my head since MW2 and I want to expel this creative energy. (Buttons are for Xbox 360 version)

    1. Changes to Game Mechanics
    - Diving is still in.
    - Double-tapping(B) aligns you with the wall you are facing so you are hiding behind it. When you ADS you rise to see over it. No more BS "I could see over that wall if I crouched 1 inch less."

    2. Guns and Stuff
    Primary Weapons
    - Assault Rifle (4 automatic, 2 burst, 2 semi-auto) generally 3-4 to kill.
    - LMG (3 100 round, 1 50 round hybrid) generally 2-3 to kill.
    - Shotgun (1 double-barrel, 1 pump, 2 semi-auto, 1 full-auto)
    - Sniper (2 Bolt-Action, 2 Semi-Auto)

    Changes to shotguns: Shotguns now have infinite range. Of course, at distance the gun could take up to 6 shots to kill (depends on the gun). OHK ranges are about that of MW2.

    Changes to Snipers: snipers now have low Mobility on par with LMGs. To compensate the OHK range on the target's body had been increased. Lastly, snipers will only be allowed on Medium and Large maps; each player gets 1 class slot for a sniper, one for a non-sniper class, and 4 open slots.


    - SMG (5) generally 4-6 to kill. Better for close range
    - Pistol (1 revolver, 3 standard) generally 3-4 to kill. Better for long range
    - Launcher (1 anti-air, 1 anti-personell, 1 mixed, 1 nade launcher) all with 2 ammo.
    - Special (whatever toys they want to throw in)

    Note: Players will be allowed to choose two secondary weapons if they wish. They will not be able to choose two primary weapons. The weapons may not be identical, but can be from the same class. The secondary selected as a primary will get 1 extra clip/ammo.

    Primary Equipment:
    - Frag x1
    - Sticky x1
    - C4 x1
    - Throwing knife (x2)

    Special Grenade:
    - Stun x2
    - Flash x2
    - Toxic Gas x1
    - Smoke x1
    - Decoy x2

    Special Equipment:
    - Tactical Insert (teammates can spawn on this position. You cannot. When you die it disappears. Promotes teamwork, harder to boost with and unavailable for FFA)
    - Claymore
    - Motion Sensor (instead of showing on radar, when an enemy comes within range it flashes an icon on your screen and makes a sound. Range has been increased, but it does not show your opponents position.)
    - Jammer (still knocks out radar and equipment)
    - Camera (can be mounted on walls or ledges too)

    3. Attachments

    Note: Each gun can have 1 attachment and 1 sight. All attachments are potential attachments for that class. Every weapon of that type may or may not have access to each attachment. For the most part, all will have access to all of them. Also, when using the two attachment perk, you cannot have two perks with a (*) after the name together.

    Assault Rifle
    - Hair Trigger (rapid fire, full-autos only)
    - Silencer
    - Extended Mag
    - Grenade Launcher* (x2, takes up primary equipment slot)
    - Flashlight* (illuminates dark, and can blind enemies if aimed just right, but reveals position. Switched on/off like a GL)
    - Full auto mode* (burst fires only, switched on/off like a GL)
    Sights: Irons, Red dot, ACOG, Variable Zoom Scope (semi-autos only)

    - Grip
    - Hair Trigger
    - Extended Mag
    - Bipod*
    Sights: Irons, Red dot, ACOG, Variable Zoom Scope

    - Grip
    - Extended Mag
    - Silencer
    - Sawed-off* (reduced range, higher damage.)
    - Flashlight*
    - Semi-Auto Mode* (pump only)
    - Grenade Launcher* (x2, not sure if this exists IRL)
    Sights: Irons, Red dot, ACOG(both also increase OHK range)

    - Bipod*
    - Silencer
    - Extended Mag
    - Sights: Irons (1 of the bolt actions only), ACOG, Sniper Scope, Variable Zoom Scope, Thermal Scope

    (more on post #7)
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