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    Project Ubermensch

    So I decided I want to become a person of intellectual, creative, and physical perfection. In the Greek style. Or rather I finally decided to get off my fat rear and do something about what I've wanted to do since I was a small child.

    To do this I'm going to use both my natural vanity and this thread. There will be audience participation. There are holidays coming up and I'll have plenty of free time then.

    Eventually I'm hoping to have a number of 'requirements' to meet, of which however many need to be met per day based on how busy I am, but of which all need to be met in a week. For now I'm going to try to meet all of these every day:

    Current Requirements (3/day)

    - Draw/other arts or crafts for at least an hour/day.
    - Write at least 500 words/day. (This may go up, 500 words isn't much.)
    - Read at least 50 pages/day of books.
    - Study a language for at least an hour/day.

    Future Requirements

    - Something(s?) to do with exercise.
    - Something to do with a musical instrument. (Guitar, violin, or piano, most likely; will be done once I have an instrument to play that's not broken.)
    - Something scientific and/or mathematic.
    - Something to do with programming.
    - Something cooking-related.
    - Something related to chores.


    My hope is that project ubermensch will help me improve my skills in all areas to the degree where I can be honestly called a 'renaissance man'. Suggestions for the exact requirements and/or any additional ones are welcome.

    Delphinus out.
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