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Thread: Let me spin you a tale(with less ellipsis)

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    Let me spin you a tale(with less ellipsis)

    This thing is either going to burst into something great or die before it even gets off the ground, but...

    The fantasy short story I was writing hit a wall due to writer's block and a lack of feedback, so I thought I'd try something new. This is going to be an improv story told in alternating bouts of reflective, first-person monologuing and dialogue-heavy, third-person fiction narrative. By improv, I mean I'm going into this with nary a thought in my head about what I'm going to write, except that it's fiction prose, and periodically I'll log on and write as much as I feel. Expect tons of plot twists and genre mash-ups.

    In order to obtain an audience, I ask for not only feedback but suggestions and desires for content. It can be anything. If I like it, I'll add it in someway, somewhere down the line. This way people will feel like it's "our" story rather than just mine. we all gather around the fire and get comfortable, I ask: what would you like to hear?
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